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Hello my name is Jacob Gaeta. I am a Director of Sales US Region of BFS West Inc. In Aliso Viejo Ca. I have helped hundreds of business owners in funding their next business loan.

Business Financial Services, Inc (BFS) is a premier provider of small business financing in the US. Founded in 2001 with the goal of providing alternative financing solutions to merchants who were unable to receive traditional financing, today we have successfully funded over 10,000 businesses nationwide. Business Financial Services is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, with Support offices in Orange County California.

The Market Place

Merchants need capital immediately to help cover unexpected costs, inventory purchases, equipment upgrades or cash flow.

They are unable to get working capital from traditional lenders due to:

• Strict lending criteria
• Less than perfect credit
• Insufficient collateral
• Length of time in business
• Failure to declare a profit on their tax returns

The Funding Program

Business Financial Services offers a variety of funding alternatives to small business owners who are unable to obtain working capital from traditional lending institutions.

All retail, restaurant, professional & service business owners find themselves needing working capital to grow and manage their companies. At times, these businesses are unlikely to obtain a traditional bank loan due to unacceptable, debt to income ratios, low personal or business credit scores, or failure to declare profit.

This is when BFS steps in. We use the business’s “real time assets”, or future credit card sales, to provide funding through credit card receivables factoring.

Credit Card receivables factoring is calculated on the assumption that a healthy business can rely on their customers to continue to spend money at their
establishments using credit or debit cards. BFS simply provides an advance on those future card sales, upfront in one lump sum.

The advance is paid back through a small, fixed percentage automatically every time the merchant batches their card sales. Capital advanced can be used for any business expense including advertising, equipment purchases, renovations, expansion, inventory and taxes.

General Overview

• Operates in a brick and mortar location.
• Processes a minimum of $4,000 in monthly credit card sales
• Has been in business, under the same owner, for at lease 9 months
• Has 1 year remaining on business lease, or owns the location.
• Acceptable personal and business credit, typically 500 or greater
• No large tax liens, open judgments or business bankruptcies

Acceptable Business Types

Automotive Repair
Barber Shops
Bars/ Nightclubs
Beauty Salon
Car Washes
Clothing Stores
Coffee Shops
Day Spas
Dental Practices
Entertainment Establishments
Franchise Concepts
Gift, Card and Novelty Stores
Liquor Stores,
Medical Practices
Nail Salons
Pet Stores
Veterinary Practices.

Acceptable Business Types - Seasonal

Bicycle Shop
Bridal Shop
Fishing, Bait and Tackle
Garden Center
Jewelry Store
Limousines (fleet 3 only)
Moving Company (fleet 3 or More)
Party Rental
Tanning Salon

Merchant Benefits

• Fast Funding, most receive capital in 7 to 10 days
• No Application fees
• No collateral required
• Easy payback process – no fixed monthly payment
• Approvals in as little as 24 hours
• Builds business and personal credit
• No financials required (under $100,000)
• Factoring commissions are tax deductible
• Factoring commission absorbed by merchant’s sales margin

Get the money you need to help your business grow! To learn more, I would like to evaluate your business and see if you fit our criteria for funding.

I look forward in working with you. Please contact me at (626) 391-9919.

Jacob Gaeta
Director US Region
BFS West, Inc.

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