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CNN...Rising Gas Prices Not as Bad as You Think

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Oh how they blamed Bush for high gas prices...
by capital4u March 21, 2012 5:33 PM

If an oil company can research, design and build an infrastructure to drill and extract oil from the ground, transport and load it onto a supertanker and ship it thousands of miles, offload it into storage facilities and then pipe it to refineries and refine it and then truck it to a retailer who sells it for $4.00 a gallon is still pretty amazing considering that 99% of Americans pay more than that for a gallon of bottled water and don't give it a second thought?

by Steven701 March 21, 2012 6:35 PM

In the UK last week "petrol" was 1.35pc per liter... that works out to just under $8 a US gallon.

While no one likes high fuel prices...

Things could sure be a lot worse.

Cap4U - Presidents ALWAYS get erroneously blamed for high gas prices regardless of who might be occupying the Oval Office.

It's an American tradition.


by RBZippy1 March 21, 2012 7:26 PM

You're not going to win this one or even get anyone on your side.

We have educated ourselves against bleating sheep.

It's getting harder to get these sheep to not look you in the eye when you spout crap.

The gallon of water example was perfection.

Don't drive if you don't like the prices.
by turdly March 21, 2012 7:30 PM

No, I had the same views when I couldn't afford the gas. It's not my gas, they can charge what they want.
I was probably the only guy with a bus pass that owned a Ferrari.

I didn't tell them to keep going farther away from town/job until someone would sell them a house [drive 'till you qualify program], I didn't tell them to buy the Escalade when they should be buying the Escort. I have no sympathy for anyones plight that is self induced and I expect none for mine.

Case in point;
I'm at the auto parts store the other day. The guys are talking about some goof that managed to lock his keys in his Corvette while the car was running. We're speculating on how to get them out. I realize that all Corvettes come with OnStar. We laugh a bit that he is so angry or stupid to not realize to call ONStar.

I walk out and lo and behold here he comes walking across the vast empty parking lot [a Sears had moved out] and I see the 'vette about 600 feet away. He's walking back to the parts store to use the phone to call a tow truck. I say;

"I know you're really mad, and I would be also,and I wouldn't be thinking really clearly, but all you need to do is call OnStar"

he said he didn't activate the OnStar after the initial free period lapsed.

I told him to fuck himself. Oh wait, you already did!

I had no mercy on that logic choice. I have no mercy on those saddled with a fuel bill because;

20mpg at 20mile commute is 2 gallons a day, one each way.

So..the difference between $3 gallon gas and $5 gallon gas is $4 a day...times 20 days..that's $80. THEY CAN PISS RIGHT OFF EXPECTING ME TO SYMPATHIZE CONCERNING $80 MONTHLY.

And that is an absurd comparison of $3 to $5. make it the lousy 80 cents they are bitching about.

Yes, I know the other ways gas affects the price of everything. You are not entitled to everything. If those Chilean peaches are priced too high, buy the canned peaches.
by turdly March 21, 2012 8:46 PM

Hell, let's do a 2000 mile trip to grandma's house;

2000 miles/20mpg=100 gallons.

$5 per gallon is $500
$3 per gallon is $300

Using my ABSURD 3 vs 5 example it is $200 more to go see grandma.

Don't go see grandma if $200 is a make or break. Don't get a boob job if $200 is make or break, don't go to Disneyland, don't buy the crack, don't buy the porterhouse.

But; we'll budget a family within $20 a month of utter failure and then let them/tell them to buy that anchor of a house. But god help us all if the gas company gets that $80 a month instead of letting buy a house $45k more than they should.



by turdly March 21, 2012 9:13 PM

"In the UK last week "petrol" was 1.35pc per liter... that works out to just under $8 a US gallon."

.....and the uk is an Island.....and it is a small island.....you can drive east coast to west coast in about 2 hours in most places...hell London to the Scottish border is only 6 or 7 hours...
by Donktard Borker March 22, 2012 9:50 AM


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